When is the festival?

The event has now been postponed. We will announce a new date as soon as we can.

Two chances to see 13 films in one day.

There will be two separate screenings:

  •  12 – 5pm
  •  5 – 10pm

Both screenings are showing the same films, please don’t book tickets for both screenings unless you want to watch the same films twice!

Each screening is five hours long, do I really need to sit for five hours?

The films vary in length with the shortest being Cow’s Milk (1 min 11 secs) and the feature Code Blue (1 hour 42 minutes). The total screen time is 3 hours 40 minutes.

The other time allows for some all important refreshment and comfort breaks.

Are the films suitable for children?

The films are primarily intended for adults and include some strong language, mature subject matter, intense scenes and other adult content.

VGN Media? I’ve never heard of you?

We are a new vegan media, events and creative consultancy. No we don’t know what that means either. We want to spread the vegan message, in as many creative ways as is possible.

Are you planning any other vegan film festivals?

Yes. Loads. We’re also developing lots of other exciting vegan initiatives. We’re happy to chat with potential partners and sponsors, please get in touch with us.

Are there any concession tickets?

All tickets are now priced at £10.

How do I get to the venue?

Full details can be found here

I have a disability, can you please provide information on the event venue

Details regarding the CCA’s accessibility including their accessibility statement can be found here